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Joe Runza

Joe Runza is a licensed financial professional and federal employee benefit’s consultant. IFW™ Certified by the Institute of Financial Wellness, his focus on sourcing insurance providers/products that best service clients individual circumstances and that help prepare them for retirement. As a Fiduciary minded broker based out of Cleveland OH, he has been a trusted expert in the financial field since 2013. In addition to retirement and creative insurance planning, his background in a multitude of financial subjects makes him a valuable, well-rounded resource to the clients he serves.

He is the proud father of 5 Children and loving husband to Nicole. His free time is spent outdoors mountain biking and competitive pistol shooting on a national level.

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Advantages of Working with a Multi-Carrier Agent

We flip the tables on the industry for our client’s best interest.

When you work with our team, we survey all the competitive carriers out there that fit our client’s needs. We put square pegs in square holes. That translates to lower cost of premiums, more benefits for polices owners and opportunity to work with Carriers that are structured as not for profit and reinvest in the community, not annoying commercials or jingles that have no positive impact when you are recovering in the hospital fighting disease or injury.

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Your Trusted Expert

in the financial field since 2013.

We Survey All Trusted Carriers

giving you lower cost of premiums and more benefits for polices owners.

Well Educated Professionals

making us a valuable, well-rounded resource to our clients.

Individualized Insurance, because no two people are alike.

Defined Retirement

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“No matter what your age or circumstances getting help from a trusted source who truly cares is what matters.” - Joe Runza